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Belle Marie Winery wines cannot be found in stores or restaurants, because we will sell only from our Tasting Room. Please note that we sell out of all our inventory every year. Call or visit us to confirm current availability. If you cannot visit us but would like to order our wines, please contact us by phone (760-796-7557) or click here to send us an email.

Belle Marie Wines

These are our specially handcrafted wines—created in the New World style.



Verdelho is a Portuguese grape that is rarely found in the US. It is crisp and delicious, with strong citrus notes and a pleasing, long-lasting finish. This is a unique wine that is light enough to be used as an aperitif, yet strong enough to pair beautifully with both red and white meat.


This wine is a classic Napa-style Chardonnay, and was fermented in 100% American oak barrels. It is a rich, lush white wine, with tropical fruit flavors and a buttery finnish.



Tempranillo is the most prestigious grape in Spain's Rioja region. This is a robust wine with loads of fruit up front, and the pleasant, earthy finish that is so reminiscent of the finest Rioja wines. The wine was aged in small oak barrels, and is an excellent accompaniment with a wide range of foods.

Pinot Noir          

This is a wonderfully balanced wine, with heavy (for a Pinot) dark fruit flavors and a pleasingly crisp acidity. The wine was aged in small French and American oak barrels for 14 months.


Malbec, one of France's historic "noble" grape varietals, is well-known in its native Bordeaux and in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Our Malbec has produced a wine that is rich and supple, with mouth-filling dark fruit flavors.


This wine is a wonderful Zinfandel, with a spicy fruit nose, characteristic jammy berry and spice on the palate, and a pleasing hint of black pepper on the lingering finish. Our Zin is an excellent choice with lighter meat dishes, such as chicken or pork, as well as classic all-American fare such as cheeseburgers or pizza.


Deep in color and richness, this 100% Petite Sirah wine is a fine representation of the Crescendo name, which we reserve for only the best vintages of Petite Sirah. This is a tradition we started with our very first wine in 1997, and this wine proudly follows our legendary 1997 Crescendo.


Syrah is a grape known or its intense fruit flavors; spicy, berry aromas; and long aging ability. This Syrah is phenomenal... definitely our best Syrah yet! The wine was aged in French and American oak barrels. Round and complex, this Syrah is a beautiful accompaniment to red meats, roasted chicken, and aged cheeses.


Maestro is a master composition of two great varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.  It was aged in small oak barrels for over 14 months.  Our "flagship wine" for Belle Marie Winery, Maestro has intense dark fruit flavors with spicy and berry aromas and a nice smooth finish.  It drinks very well now, and will continue to age gracefully for years to come.

For the Sweeties


Our Riesling is a pleasantly sweet and complex wine, with a characteristic Riesling nose and flavor. It is a refreshing accompaniment to creamy cheeses, any spicy food, or simply enjoyed on its own.

Muscat Blanc        

This wine is made from 100% Muscat grapes. A small amount of residual sugar has been retained during the fermentation to enhance the true varietal flavors.  Enjoy this slightly sweet and fruity wine by itself or with a variety of foods.



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